Skills in Internationalization
Skills in Internationalization

The internationalization of Portuguese companies continues to proceed at a fast pace, originating the expatriation of Managers and Professionals to ensure the start up and management of foreign subsidiaries.

PCA Consultores has specialized in  providing consultancy and support to internationalized Portuguese companies in the expatriation of their employees, providing custom made solutions in the design, development and implementation of models of expatriate management, namely:

  • Support in defining an expatriate profile and in selecting appropriate candidates for expatriation;
  • Training programs for expatriates and their families to acquaint them with the history, culture, language and social behaviors in their country of destination;
  • Definition of the compensation package, incentives and benefits for expatriates, according to the country of destination;
  • Drawing up of expatriation contracts;
  • Rules for goal setting, follow up and performance evaluation of expatriates;
  • Templates for the repatriation of expatriates and their subsequent career management;
  • Facilitation of workshops for decision making in the area of expatriation.

In determining cost of living (COL) differentials and in characterizing risk, hardship and isolation factors in the place of expatriation, PCA Consultores works in partnership with ORC Worldwide, Inc.