Employee Satisfaction Survey
Employee Satisfaction Survey is one of the broad band tools of PCA which covers a wide range of key areas.
Supported by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model, this tool has been tested and is validated to use in Portugal and Angola .
It addresses the following key areas:
  • Work Environment;
  • Career perspectives;
  • Appraisal Systems;
  • Reward Mechanisms;
  • Training;
  • Working Conditions;
  • Communication;
  • Management Style;
  • Organization Values;
  • Among others.
The results of the Survey are further correlated with key demographic variables.
The outcome is an Action Plan that covers:
  • Detailed actions to develop and implement;
  • Identification of who is accountable for their implementation;
  • Timings.
Organizational Benchmarking is also possible through the indicators provided by the Employee Satisfaction Survey.
We have available a robust Database with Benchmarking indicators collected among an extensive research and consulting activity. Worldwide Benchmarking is also possible through data exchange with our International partners in this area.