i-Guide is a software developed by PCA that supports Competency-Based Interviews methodology.

Competency-Based Interviews is a Recruitment and Selection methodology designed by PCA that uses the most advanced interviewing techniques.
The main goals of i-Guide are:
  • To support Recruitment and Selection processes;
  • Real time Interview Guide Generator supported by a state-of-the-art methodology;
  • Development of evaluation grids that enhance objectivity in decision-making;
  • Continuous improvement of HR Systems that are linked together.
i-Guide features:
  • User-friendly;
  • Wizard that helps and guide users all over the process of building an Interview Guide;
  • 3 steps Interview Guide Generator;
  • Multi-options device in building Interview Guide;
  • Instant Interview Guide Generator;
  • Instant Evaluation Grid Generator;
  • Database containing up to 600 interview questions;
  • Job builder database;
  • Instant Database update;
  • Competency Dictionary containing up to 50 Competencies;
  • Instructions Manual.